eaglenestEarthMatters.Org was founded by a small, international team of specialists with decades of practical experience in multidisciplinary programs. Since the early 1990’s, EM.Org has been involved in conservation programs in Venezuela and Panama. EM.Org is now expanding into Peru and Colombia.


In 1991, our experts pioneered the use of the satellite based Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to survey and map Harpy Eagle nests for conservation management in the dense rainforests of Latin America.  We implemented the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to update and merge regional and detailed views of eagle distribution and human encroachment on their habitat.  NASA and Microwave Telemetry Inc. provide satellite transmitters that we mount on the eagles to track the movements of breeding pairs and follow the dispersal of their fledglings.

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In 1997 The Harpy Eagle Conservation team received the  ComputerWorld/Smithsonian Award for innovative use of technology, Environment, Energy & Agriculture category: Entry # 97400 archived at the Smithsonian – National Museum of American History.

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Articles & References

bonesSeveral articles have been written about harpy eagles by EarthMatters.Org representatives and associates, and others.

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Videos & Films

wet trailsEarthMatters.Org has also been featured on TV and films.

  • EM.Org was featured the week of May 3rd, 1999 on Wild Things TV of Paramont Pictures.  
  • On January 30th, 2000 EM.Org was one of a few programs featured on a National Geographic special dedicated to research in the rainforest canopy.   The special was entitled, Exploring the High Frontier.  For more information, click here to go to the National Geographic web site.

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