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EarthMatters.Org is a non-profit organization engaged in finding practical solutions to natural resource conflicts, particularly when exploitation affects the distribution of plants and animals, or encroaches on their habitat. We combine conventional natural history observations with information technology and remote sensing tools to implement meaningful conservation action at the local and institutional levels. EarthMatters.Org utilizes the latest satellite-based surveying and mapping techniques (Global Positioning System or GPS) to create digital views of regional and local aspects related to environmental problems. Frequent updates to geo-referenced databases (Geographic Information System or GIS) facilitate the design of practical alternatives to manage and protect wildlife, reformulate projects, and support the evaluation of habitat change. EarthMatters.Org is firmly committed to involve local people in conservation management. Our international team combines state of the art tools and multidisciplinary training with a cooperative extension approach that encourages informed grassroots participation. We educate and also learn from local residents while conducting hands-on investigations through cooperative arrangements secured with institutions, local organizations, and international partnerships.

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