Greetings Mr/Mrs. Outback Representative – I am wiring to convey my disappointment in 3 of my last 4 visits to our local Outback Steakhouse, located at 3760 SW Archer Rd, Gainesville, FL 32608.

Visit #1 (to go), mid-to-late October 2019: My mother’s Aussie Cobb Salad did not contain hard-boiled eggs. This wasn’t a crisis, accidents happen. But I didn’t get what I paid for.

Visit #2 (to go), mid-November 2019: My French Onion Soup came with a toasted hamburger bun with melted cheese. I understand the desire to keep the break separate from the soup, but this bun was topped with cheese and melted. Then promptly wrapped in aluminum foil. The hot cheese was impossible to remove from the foil, ruining the dish since I was unwilling to risk eating aluminum in my soup. Again, didn’t get what I’d paid for.

Visit #3 (dining in), early January 2020: A pleasant experience. No issues worth addressing.

Visit #4 (to go), yesterday, February 9, 2020: My order was a Blooming Onion (no issue) and a 24-pack of chicken tenders. The attached image is what I received. I’m quite certain there were not 24 chicken tenderloins included in my purchase. There were random chunks of fried chicken bits included though, but they weren’t tenderloins. Even if, giving the benefit of the doubt as to what exactly a tenderloin is, and including any piece of fried chicken, there was nowhere near 24 pieces of anything included. Yet again – what’s proven to be a clear pattern at this point – not getting what I’ve paid for.

In the end, a few takeaways from my recent experiences:

  1. Outback does not care about the ToGo experience or the quality of the foods being served;
  2. Dining in the restaurant is the only way to ensure the customer will both get what they’ve paid for and it be made fresh;
  3. It can be done correctly. The dining in experience proves this;
  4. The staff at the ToGo door has always been kind and courteous. They take the time to ensure all items are present though they have no control over quality.

WTH is this?